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Our Vision

Trair is a software company that develops a cloud-based e-commerce platform. The company aims to facilitate and grow the online sales of small and medium-sized businesses. Trair enables businesses to easily manage their websites with a user-friendly interface. In addition, Trair offers tools that facilitate interaction between businesses and their customers, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Trair provides advanced security measures to securely store businesses' customer information and orders. The company offers data analysis tools that help businesses track their sales and products. As a result, businesses can use data to improve their sales strategies and better understand their target audience.

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Headless Commerce

Customize your storefront
and create unique experiences

TrAir is a cloud-based headless commerce platform with an integrated next-generation application suite including omnichannel and marketplace capabilities, mobile and in-store solutions, and an OMS. TrAir Commerce Cloud equips businesses with powerful and flexible solutions for operating omnichannel

B2C, marketplace, or B2B commerce, and provides them with the tools to create holistic customer experiences, boost revenues and eliminate the need to re-platform ever again.

API First Architecture

Accelerate innovation
and extend your functionality

With its API-first and microservice-based architecture, TrAir Commerce Cloud makes it easy for you to design, deploy and integrate all types of commerce applications in the way that best suits your specific needs.

Benefit from our outstanding flexibility and build a powerful digital commerce infrastructure around TrAir Commerce Cloud.

High-performing Infrastructure

Experience exceptional speeds and near-zero downtime

Increase your conversion rate with ultrafast speeds and secure high uptime and availability regardless of the volume of traffic. By trusting in our cloud infrastructure, you are investing not only in better performance and auto-scalability but also in excellent stability and multi-layer security. TrAir Commerce Cloud is certified PCI DSS compliant to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Never settle for less than the best.

Ready-to-use Marketplace Functionalities

Increase your revenues and improve your customer engagement

Our marketplace functionalities enable you to expand your product selection and conversion rates without accumulating inventory. Allow other merchants to sell through your platform and scale your business without the financial risk of stocking up inventory.

Adding marketplace functionalities will offer you unique opportunities to increase your revenues while offering exceptional shopping experiences.

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